One of the most popular activities in Samui is experiencing the Island by partaking in Tours. There is a Jungle Tour, Scooter Tour, Jeep Safari or even a Quad Tour. The Island has more than 10 different Waterfalls and for animal lovers there is an Elephant Sanctuary, Aquarium & Tiger Zoo and a Butterfly Garden. You can Fish in a large Lake with more than 4000 Fish of which 40 Species are Exotic. There are two Golf Courts, 9 and 18 holes, and Samui has several Cooking Classes. There are also various Boat trips to small Islands where you can also choose to Snorkel or Fish. An absolute must, and much sought after by tourists, is to take a boat to Angton Marine Park. This National Park covers 42 Islands in a total area of 102 square kilometers, of which about 50 square kilometers is land. You can Climb several paths and a wooden staircase to the Top of a nearby Mountain, where you can enjoy an overwhelming View.